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Winefroz Branding & Style

Great challenge to work on Winefroz's image,  aesthetics and content concepts. Including two logos, branding and media styleguides.

Producer. Nati Bambaci.

Winefroz 02

Lu Feld
Winefroz 02
Winefroz 02
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Winefroz 01
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Winefroz 03
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wine titra-01
wine titra-02
wine titra-04
wine titra-03
wine titra-05
wine titra-06
wine titra-07
wine titra-08
wine titra-10
wine titra-09
wine titra-11
wine titra-12
wine titra-13
wine titra-14
wine titra-15
wine titra-16
wine titra-17
wine titra-18
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